Poor examination system in pakistan essay

By | 25.04.2017

Legal and political systems will need to change in response.

Poor Examination System In Pakistan Essay

The Press Law provides a sound basis for independent journalism, and media protections were bolstered by a 2005 Constitutional Court ruling that journalists do not have to disclose their sources.

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  3. Miniature brains see image above that show electrical activity akin to a primitive type of thinking could revolutionise how some drugs are tested and reduce the need for animals in research, according to scientists who have developed the structures. LELegal EnvironmentPEPolitical EnvironmentEEEconomic EnvironmentAfghanistan Not FreeLE: 21PE: 28EE: 20Total Score: 69The environment for Afghanistan's fledgling media worsened slightly in 2005 as journalists faced an increase in attacks and legal harassment during the year.

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